Defensive Driver Discounts

Although the law requires you to maintain a valid auto insurance policy, you don't have to overpay for it. By crafting your coverage carefully, you can save money without compromising your protection. Here's how car insurance discounts for defensive driving can help you stay ahead.

What Are Defensive Driver Discounts?

Auto insurance providers offer a variety of conditional rebates and price breaks. With defensive driver discounts, your eligibility depends on your completion of a defensive driving course.

Some states promote defensive driving discounts for all motorists. Others focus on at-risk drivers, like seniors and teens.

If you live in one of the many locales where you're eligible to get a price break for completing a class, you may be able to apply the discount to more than one plan or automobile. Be sure to ask your insurance provider about their policies on administering defensive driving discounts.

How Do You Get Defensive Driver Discounts?

Not just any defensive driving or traffic safety class will do. States like Delaware, Minnesota and others regulate what constitutes an approved course via agencies like the DMV or Department of Insurance. Depending on where you live, your program may entail classroom OR online instruction.

Most states also have provisions for courses of varying lengths that may include some form of written testing. These are primarily geared toward motorists who want to remove points from their records or satisfy court orders.

With most auto insurance companies, you'll need to explicitly request a defensive driving discount upon completion of a qualifying defensive driving course.

Where Can You Find Defensive Driver Car Insurance Discounts?

Not all states require insurers to provide defensive driver discounts. The rules may also differ concerning the maximum price break you can receive.

Consulting with your policy provider is the best way to find these discounts. Individual car insurance companies may have distinct procedures you must follow to prove you completed a valid course. Usually, you'll need to present your provider with a copy of your traffic school completion certificate.

How Much Will You Save?

Most states allow auto insurance premium reductions between 10 and 15 percent for defensive drivers. Your insurer might have additional standards and requirements that impact how much money you can save on your coverage costs.

In New York, for example, insurers must provide premium reductions for 3 years if a consumer goes through an accident prevention program. With this discount applied to more than one vehicle, New Yorkers stand to save quite a bit of cash.

Completing defensive driving courses are beneficial even without the discount. The National Safety Council promotes traffic school enrollment since it reduces the incidence of preventable accidents among drivers. Fewer accidents mean fewer claims, so completing a defensive driving course can help you maintain low premiums by lowering your chances of getting in a crash.

All in all, applying for a defensive driving discount is an excellent way to lower the cost of car insurance AND develop safer driving habits.