Safety Equipment Discounts

When choosing a vehicle, you want something designed for the safety of the driver and all passengers. Knowing that you, your family, and anyone else riding along is protected from danger allows you to enjoy every trip with less stress.

Some of the same safety features you rely on for protection as you drive may also pay off in the form of reduced auto insurance premiums. Many providers offer discounts to drivers who seek out the safest vehicles and practice smart driving habits.

Insurance Companies Love Safe Cars

Motorists who care about safety and are mindful of how their habits affect others on the road are less expensive to cover and create fewer hassles. Insurance companies encourage these behaviors by providing compensation for anything contributing to improved safety, including the equipment on your vehicle.

A Basic Guide to Safety Devices

What counts as vehicle safety equipment? In terms of potential car insurance discounts, any feature lessening the driving hazards or decreasing the chances of your car being stolen may qualify.

Today's vehicles come equipped with combinations of standard safety features like:

  • Passive restraint systems, such as automatic seat belts and airbags for both driver and passenger.
  • Side or side curtain airbags to protect other passengers and reduce injuries in rollover accidents.
  • Anti-lock brakes for better traction and lower risk of skidding.
  • Daytime running lights to increase visibility.
  • Anti-theft systems, such as steering wheel locks and car alarms.
  • Tire pressure monitoring for better performance.

Relatively newer vehicles may also come with specialized safety mechanisms, such as:

  • Adaptive headlights designed to respond to driving speed and conditions.
  • Blind spot detection and backup cameras to increase your field of vision.
  • Lane departure warning systems to alert you if another driver is coming up too quickly as you're changing lanes.
  • Collision avoidance systems to detect vehicles, pedestrians, and other obstacles.
  • Stability control to reduce the risk of rollover accidents.
  • Advanced anti-theft systems, including engine kill switches and stolen vehicle recovery.
  • Drowsiness and high-speed alerts to improve focus.
  • Parking sensors.
  • Emergency response systems designed to turn off the car and contact a response center if a collision occurs.

Some of these features are now requirements for all new cars and may be included if you purchase a make and model released in the last few years. Used and pre-owned vehicles aren't always as well-equipped and may require upgrades to provide the maximum amount of security AND safety equipment discounts.

Choosing Your Safety Features

When buying a vehicle, look carefully at all the included safety features. Get details regarding standard equipment, and ask about additional options.

When selecting your vehicle safety features, tailor your choices to:

  • Your driving style.
  • The number of passengers you usually transport.
  • The average age of your passengers.
  • Potential hazards in your neighborhood and on the roads you travel.

Research how much you can save on car insurance by investing in your desired suite of safety gear. Keep in mind that you're also investing in your own protection, and any feature designed to improve your chances of coming away from an accident with few or no injuries is worth considering, even if it isn't eligible for a significant discount.

Which Features Get the Biggest Car Insurance Discounts?

The final decision on how large your discount will be is ultimately up to your insurance provider.

Make a list of the equipment you chose, and talk with your agent about potential discounts. Don't assume they know all the features with which your vehicle is equipped. Safety technology is advancing quickly, and it's not always possible for auto insurance companies to keep up with each new addition to the standard offerings.

If you're still looking for an auto insurance company, be sure to ask about safety discounts when comparing prices. Even a small amount of savings can add up if you have several car safety features for which an insurance company offers reduced prices.

Bonus Safety Tips

In addition to driving a well-equipped vehicle, you can show your auto insurance company that you're committed to safety by:

  • Using hands-free options for mobile devices.
  • Practicing awareness every time you're behind the wheel.
  • Refraining from transporting distracting passengers.
  • Investing in the proper equipment for inclement weather.
  • Keeping your vehicle maintained.
  • Taking defensive driving courses.
  • Always wearing a seat belt.

Combining these habits with the safety features of your vehicle greatly reduces your risk of being involved in an accident and can help prevent serious injury if an unexpected collision does occur.

Discounts on car insurance are added perks of driving a safe vehicle. By choosing a car with a range of protective features and equipment, you not only save money but also ensure the security of everyone in the vehicle. It's a smart choice for yourself and your family, and the benefits of knowing you're all well-protected offer even greater returns than the discounts you may receive on your auto insurance.